Sebastian Berns

I do research on machine intel­ligence in the creative process, and work on com­mis­sions in visual commu­ni­cation and graphic design. My interests are focused on digital type­faces, and by extension its perception and represen­tation, both in the mind and in the machine.

October 2018–March 2019

Computational neuroscience research internship at Kobayashi lab, NII, Tokyo


Master in Artificial Intelligence, UPC BarcelonaTech

November 2015–March 2016

»Minds and Machines«
Introduction to philosophy of mind by Alex Byrne

MIT online course 24.09x,

Since 2012

Independent graphic designer

Worked on commissions in Germany, Barcelona, México and Venezuela

Contributed graphically to artworks that have been exhibited in the contemporary art museums MACBA and Fundació Miró of Barcelona


Member of the jury, design prize LAUS (ADG-FAD), Barcelona, 2015

Member of the Bachelor examination committee (Graphic Design and Visual Communication degree), BAU Escola Superior de Disseny, Barcelona, 2015


Communication Design, Bachelor of Arts, FH Aachen